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Al saud Family Saudi Arabia History

A Brief History of the Al Saud Al Saud Descent: Al saud Family originates from the ancient Arab tribe of Banu hanifa, who belonged to Banu Bakr, son of Wa’il which descended from the large Rabi’ah branch of Adnanite tribes,a tribal confederation historically located in the Najd. Banu hanifa tribe’s original lands were in Wadi al-irdh , which later came …

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Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah Biography

Queen Rania  Al-Yassin Biography Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah is a mother, a wife, a boss, an advocate, and a humanitarian. She once said, “I just wake up and feel like a regular person. At the end of the day you are living your life for the people that you represent. It’s an honour and a privilege to have that …

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King Abdullah II of Jordan

King Abdellah II Biography The 41st-generation direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), His Majesty King Abdullah II assumed his constitutional powers as monarch on 7 February 1999. Following the leadership legacy of his father, the late King Hussein, King Abdullah has made the welfare of Jordan’s people the cornerstone of his policies for national development, regional …

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