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Prince Hashem Bin Al Hussein

Born in Amman on the 10th of June 1981 to Their Majesties King Hussein bin Talal and Queen Noor Al Hussein, Prince Hashim Bin Al Hussein is the 43rd generation direct descendent of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), and the youngest brother of His Majesty King Abdullah II. Prince Hashim received elementary education in Amman and then attended …

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Muhammad Ibn Saud founder of the First Saudi State

Muhammad ibn Saud Muhammad ibn Saud (Arabic: محمد بن سعود ‎), also known as Ibn Saud, was the emir of Al-Dir’iyyah and is considered the founder of the First Saudi State and the Saud dynasty, which are technically named for his father – Saud ibn Muhammad ibn Migrin. Ibn Saud’s family (then known as the Al Migrin) traced its descent …

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The Saudi Arabia kingdom History

The History Arabia of Saudi The First Saudi State In the early 18th century, a Muslim scholar and reformer named Shaikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab began advocating a return to the original form of Islam. Abdul Wahhab was initially persecuted by local religious scholars and leaders who viewed his teachings as a threat to their power bases. He sought protection …

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