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Al-Sabah family in Kuwait

Al Sabah Family of Kuwait History

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The history of Al-Sabah family in Kuwait goes back to 1613 AD. according to a letter from Sheikh Mubarak to the British dweller in the Gulf regarding the demarcation of boundaries of Kuwait. He stated: Kuwait is a barren land our Grandfather Sabah lived in it in 1022 AH. 1613 AD. Then He referred to the emergence of Kuwait that we have mentioned previously and which was supported by a group of resources. Many stories stated its stability and development in the period 1469 AD. which is the year the people of Qurain sent ships and weapons to Nasser Bin Murshid, the Sultan of Oman, to assist him against the Portuguese resistance aiming to occupy the Gulf area. During this historical period, the researcher finds clear reference of the stability, advancement, and progress of Kuwait which shows that there was no political disorder or conflicts that led to changing or transforming the ruling system. The reference of Sheikh Mubarak to the history of Al-Sabah family in Kuwait since 1022 AH. 1613 AD in his letter has no means to oppose or weaken it. So historically, the first ruler of Al-Sabah family is Sheikh Sabah bin Jaber, also known as Sabah the First who departed in 1190 AH. (1776 AD)
As for the first ruler who ruled Kuwait from Al-Sabah family historically, is Sheikh Sabah bin Jaber who is also known as Sabah the First, who died in 1190 AH. (1776 AD)

The fourteen rulers from Al Sabah family who ruled State of Kuwait since 1756 are:

– Sheikh Sabah, the First: 1756
– Sheikh Abdullah: 1762
– Sheikh Jaber, the First: 1812
– Sheikh Sabah, the Second: 1859
– Sheikh Abdullah, the Second: 1866
– Sheikh Mohamed, the First: 1892
– Sheikh Mubarak Al Sabah: 1896
– Sheikh Jaber, the Second: 1915
– Sheikh Salem Al Mubarak: 1917
– Sheikh Ahmed Al Jaber: 1921
– Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem: 1950
– Sheikh Sabah Al Salem: 1965 – 1977
– Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah: 1977 – 2006
– Sheikh Saad Al Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah: 2006

In 2006, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, became the ruler of Kuwait until the present time

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