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    About your biography of Prince Musa’ad bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, this seems more like a selected biography of his wives than his or his children. Who gave you this information? Why is it considered authoritative? What are your verified sources?
    Please permit me to point out some obvious and stark mistakes in your depictions above:
    1. Prince Musa’ad had two full sisters and not only one. Besides Albandari there was another older sister than Albandari by the name of Hissa.
    2. The first wife’s name is Watfa, you wrote it as watfa.
    3. You put his almost last wife as second of his wives whereas she should be listed as the one before last with children. Here is the proper order of his wives:
    A. Princess Watfa Bint Mohammed Bin Talal Al-Rasheed.
    B. Princess Hissa (and not Hessa) Bint Mohammed Al Qahtani.
    C. Princess Nora Bint Ibrahim Al Degeither.
    D. Princess Al-Jazi Bint Abdallah Al Oteibi.
    E. Princess Fatima Bint Hashim Al Najrs.
    F. Princess Nora Al Kaki.
    G. Princess Al Jawhara Bint Saleh Al Rayes.
    H. Princess Al Anoud Bnt Jalal Al Farm Al Harbi.
    4. Next to Princess Watfa Bint Mohammed Bin Talal Al-Rasheed, you wrote Princess of the Jawhara, whereas it should be: Princess Al Jawhara.
    5. Next to Princess Hissa Bint Mohammed Al Qahtani, you write the name of Prince Saud without a period after the name. It should be: Prince Saud.
    6. Next to Princess Nora Al Degeither, you write the name of Prince Mashhour after a double space and a dash for no good reason. Also, you mix up the names. They should be listed as follows:
    – Prince Mashhour,
    – Prince Yousef,
    – Prince Mohammed,
    – Princess Madawi,
    – Princess Latifa.
    7. Next to Princess Al Jazi Bint Abdallah Al Oteibi, you write the name of Prince Nawaf without a period after the name. It should be: Prince Nawaf.
    8. Next to Princess Nora Al Kaki, you list her last daughter as Princess Sitho whereas her name is: Princess Sita. Also, for no good reason, you list her next to her older sister Princess Sultana and not separately like almost all other names.
    9. Before your section on Death, on th last line, you write: He lived an austere private life where he was known [by whom?] to be pious. Any knowing and socially aware Saudi person living in Riyadh during the life of Prince Musa’ad knew that for almost all of his life Prince Musa’ad was austere and pious. Therefore, your depiction there should reasonably read: He lived an austere private life wher he was known in Riyadh society to be pious.
    10. The picture you have at the end of your biography is not Prince Musa’ad Bin Abdulaziz’s picture. You could see the clear difference between the upper image and the bottom image of a person with a darker skin. Furthermore, Prince Musa’ad never enrolled in the military. It is probably another royal’s picture with a similar name.


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