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    Muhammad Ramzan Ghumro

    Assalam Alaikum sir, I’m from Pakistan got to know that you helping poor for hajj or umra. ALLAH will you give jazaye khair. My mother is 70 years and my dad is 69 years old .They is always crying to perform hajj or umra in their life time. Their last desire to go for hajj but our financial conditions is very poor. They are only waiting for hajj. ALLAH will bless you please send my parents for hajj & make their pray full fill. My mail is
    Mobile # 923313109529

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    Carmelo M. Rios

    His Excellency Muhammad bin Nayef Al Saud,

    When I arrived in your fatherland Saudi Arabia, I was only 22 years old. I spent 30 years of my life working in your country without any regrets and reservation. I came as a worker and left as one. I truly love and treasured all my memories of my stay in your beloved country. Then was his Excellency King Fahd who reigned the Kingdom.

    The reason why I am sending you this email is just to extend my humblest greetings and support in all of your advocacies to your land and people. His Excellency, Almighty GOD is with you. You will reach the throne to reign and govern your Kingdom with wisdom like Solomon. I am a visionist and when I read your remark when you visited Europe that you’re a “victim”, God acknowledged your humility and He will be with you always when you reign your Kingdom. For he who treasure the image of His Son will reign without boundaries the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will be known in history of men.

    God Bless you His Excellency, and I will pray for your endeavours, health and wise deeds.


    Carmelo M. Rios


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