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    Mazen Mohammad Hasan

    alsalam 3alaikom wa rahmato allah wa barakato .,wa atal allah a3markom wa hafethakom min kol makrooh ana falasteeny dagat feya alhaya wa asb7t moshardan ela an wasal be alhal an akoon fe janoob alsudan Juba la ajed ta3aman wala sharaban la zawja wala awlad ab7ath fagat 3an goot youmy atlob mosa3adat ahl el khair wa ayna ajedhom en lam takoono antom atma3 fe ma wahabakom allah wa karm al saud ahl el khair wal sabakoon lilkhairat sa3edoony adamkom allah an afta7 3amalan aw mashroo3an ya taj rasy antom banitom beladan halla banaitom insana atwasol elaikom 3an rou7 elmar700m abu elkhair alshaikh sulta bin abdul aziz wa al suod elkeram 3asa min allah an yajzeekom kol khair fe mizan hasanatkom .domtom lana thokhran wa sanadan asta7lefkom billah la tarodoony khaeban wall salam alaikom wa rahmato allh wa barakato ya khair el nas
    mazen m hasan alllah elmosta3an

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    hi, visited the website, I am from a Sunni Muslim family and have always been interested in the area, best wishes

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    hi, hope things are well. I have a problem, that I’ve been keeping to myself and it has been eating at me, and I don’t know what to do or how to talk about with. I thought I would share with you.

    Basically, what was on, was that my sister Maleni, she is about 5-6 years younger, than me, white men and people in the manhattan area were stalking her and setting her up to be used as a crash test dummy. what they did to her is so bad, I get sick thinking about all of the things that went on. She is so beautiful and has made every effort in life, do things, and they targeted her none here in the area did anything to stop them.

    Maleni was born Deaf, I also have 2 other Deaf sisters, there is a total of 5 girls and we are of ethnicity, my mom is muslim and dad is Hindu. Indra, Indira, Maleni, Leela, Lalita – 5 girls
    Our parents are sort of strict, but the only thing they really prohibited us from doing is having a boyfriend. Which I actually think was good, since we were young, not many other people who are from our ethnicity live in the area. The reason, why I’m telling you this is because they put out “a hit” on my sister and me. We never were did or had and bad relationships that went wrong so to speak.
    We didn’t start a social life until we reached University level.

    Basically, I think the board of NYU is involved in telling the hospital, St. Vincent’s Hospital, to send people to stalk her. We live about 15-20 minute walk from the hospital and the University. We live in the Chelsea area of lower manhattan. Blocks away from Chelsea Piers they are all kind of located in the same area.

    The hospital was located just blocks from the hospital. People in manhattan area, know a lot about what when on, but they are not really talking , so I do think you might want to handle things and investigate what went on, I just want answers. We never did anything bad to anyone at all. I’m serious. My parent’s are immigrants to the country and we walked the straight and narrow.

    They were constantly setting her up for accidents. It started when she was about 16 years old and a teenager. She was set up to be in a skiing accident. They set up her ski calibrated the wrong way, and she was not a regular skier, she went on a trip with her high school at the time. She she fell badly and tore up her knee joint so badly. It took a year to recover, and when she had almost recovered, a man snuck up behind her, and tried to push her down the stairs when she was entering the train station. The doctors were in on stalking her. They told her she could not play any of the sports or things she was allowed to do. Basically, they told her, her knee would only allow her to walk. She was so devastated. She cried and cried and cried. She played in so many sports and took dance and cheerleading.

    Then when she graduated and got accepted into college, the stalking followed her to Washington, DC. She was stalked by people in Gallaudet University, and set up to swim in a pool of chemically unbalanced pool water and since she had to swim in it on a daily basis, she got a type of tumor , and was diagnosed with Hogkins disease which is type of Cancer. I’ve already talked to the president of the University, and it was made blatant to my via his body language, that they knew what went on, How do I know this was done on purpose, they told me. By the things I had to do, I guess they figured they would play the game since, they didn’t think anything could be done about the things going on. What went on was that brown men, hindu and muslim men were told to hurt us and they did. My uncle is an anesthesiologist and lives in Canada, he was behind using his connections as a doctor to call the doctors in manhattan and told them to attack my parents. He came to visit my mom and dad one time, and gave my dad the nastiest look, but I don’t think my dad knew anything about what was going on, my mom never told him what was going on with us. It was so condescending. It is stuck in my memory.

    Basically what looks like when on is that, Khaled Mostafa, who is a wealthy and influential Muslim man and has connections with the board, made some calls and told my uncle in Canada to sabotage our family. He gave the impression, that he was taking direction from Saudi Arabia, but I don’t necessarily know if that is true or not. Khaled Mostafa has a company and the “front ” of things scared a lot of people it looks like the black square that muslims pray to. Most of his communication was via body language and colors and acting out threats.

    My Uncle is Hindu , Eric Balkisoon, and they live in Toronto, Scarsboro . His wife is known by the name “Toy”.

    I want you to give him , and the people involved in doing this to my sister the death penalty. Not my aunt, she tried to tell us what was going on. I had absolutely no idea. The men in the area are still here. Give them the death penalty. The doctor who did the surgery on my sister’s knee is : Dr. Rose, and had his practice on the east side of manhattan. He was an orthopedic surgeon. The doctor who treated Maleni for the Tumor, is called Dr. Halprin, and he is a interest and his office is a block away from NYU.

    They felt they could very well control the situation, so they weren’t afraid of giving me clues and hints about the things going on. I had no idea of any of things, and it is only know, because of the “train”, that I have an idea about the colors and things about the symbolism.

    They took 5 of us and were using us as pawns, and symbols and were doing wrong things to each of us, then taking out revenge on the other.

    For example, people did some nasty things to me at work, and they to take revenge so to speak, other people or another gang of people did the same thing to my sister Maleni .
    Another group of people did something nasty to me, and then another group found out and then started doing the same thing to my sister Indira. We had no idea that things were being taken out on each of us.

    I guess because my sisters are hearing impaired they figured figured communication would be difficult and we would not talk so much about these things that go on in each other’s lives. They had a very good idea how to play behavior both strengths and weaknesses, so they inmate knowledge, about the problems with communication with deaf community and hearing people. I found out they interviewed a lot of my friends and information about what I was like and what people thought of me. Arun also asked me about my friends , and I told him what I admired about each one, then he tried to bribe them or offer them opportunities for advancement to by their loyalty or make them indebted to him.
    Some people didn’t take the bait others did. Then he told them to stop talking-to me or my being my friend

    What is going on ? I don’t know people are so mean to me or so disloyal when I haven’t done anything wrong to any of them. I don’t understand this whole thing .

    New York City is very bad .

    The operative players in the mix in this situation :
    *The doctors who worked at St. Vincents hospital between 1971 – 2006
    *Khaled Mostafa – Wall Street Financial Mortgage Corporation – New Jersey

    I was also given an operation, and have a scar from the left to the right. I woke up on the operation table, and I didn’t need the operation. I had no symptoms of a hernia. I was only about 4-5 years old. My sister Indira didn’t get one. I the train started when I was very young. I attended 18 years of Catholic School and both my grade school and high school have been shut down. The train was there, and the train was also at NYU. It is a lot to clean up . The whole city knew, what was going on.

    I’m not joking, there is no way around the things necessary and the things that need to be done, it has been approaching 8 years. I want to get on with my life. Your wasting my time and I don’t understand why if you don’t want to do anything, I don’t really have an interest in staying here. I get the feeling your playing for time, and my life and my sister’s lives have been attacked and destroyed and I have no idea for what ?

    My mother is Muslim, and If I had known what she would have had to endure, because of our connection. I would have told her to convert a long time ago. Indian people aren’t treated like this in New York or the States, why do think they were playing a game like this and using us as pawns then have different gangs of people beat on us ?

    bwt, thank you so much for Obama .

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    Also thank You for so many gross and disgusting American Muslims. How wonderful to be beat up by mother’s own people .

    It has been an absolutely invigorating experience, which makes me admire, men like khaled and his associates .

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    People want to know if Saudi Arabia had anything to do with “ethnically cleaning my family” and telling them to marry black people ?

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    have other muslims had problems in other states within the United States or other countries ?
    We have to get all of this sorted out

    Within the United States – which states ?
    Who has been targeted men or women ?
    Which countries ?

    I would like some more information on the things going on

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    people want to know if Saudi Arabia knew about the things done to my mother and our family ,
    the things that were done to my dad’s business, by Khaled Mostafa
    the things that were done to my sister Maleni
    the things done me to me – while attending grade and high school and nyu university
    the things done to Leela and Lalita while attending grade , high school and college
    we don’t know who to talk to about these things , but people are passing blame on so much
    I would like an email contact , but I look some up on the internet

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    salmoalaikom warahmato allah wabarakatoh
    orid email adresse frpn prince salmann alsaoud plaes

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    farzana khursheed


    Honorable Sir

    With due respect I am submitting few lines for your kind consideration. I have come to know through reliable sources and internet that you are devoting services for the well being of humanity.

    Incidentally I am submitting that I have a large poor family. Therefore there is no financial support for me. Please help me financially. It will not be a great relief to a poor family but will also be a great act of charity on your honor part. I am waiting for your favorable reply.

    I belong to a very poor family with all of the children under studying. All of my children are getting education some of them are in the college and one of them in the university.

    Kindly help me as it can only change the life of one lady but also the life of one complete nation.

    Yours faithfully
    Farzana Yasmin C/o khurshid Alam

    H.No: E-158A Satellite town Rawalpindi pakistan

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    Mohamma hasan



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