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    Muhammad Abdul Rauf

    Assalam Alaikum Wrahmatullah w, i’m form pakistan Bhakkar (Punjab) and i’m 20 years live and work hear Fort Dauphin Madagascar.hear many many person comme form Saoudi Rarab for constraction Masjeed he is rest fews days hear and all mony put local person Madagascar but Majeed noting complet and all mony is go.we are very big problem in this city we are 2 masjeed this city one is wood and one is ciment contrect but very littel masjeed we are intantion constraction its 2Masjeed with Madrasha and Immam masjeed House but we are problem financing,we are helping yoare side Insha Allah we are promice you your mony is only reserved for constraction Masjeed and only Masjeed. JAZAKALLAH

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    Hello, im writing a paper for school on King Abdullah and I need the name of the author of this article for reference . – Thanks


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