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    elizabeth Delaney

    Hi I would like to say how much I like the Royal Family in Morocco. I have been going to Morocco since 1999 and I always loved it, I would love to meet the royal family but im sure Its not possible. I am having problems in Agadir for 3 year’s now, I sold my house but the people who sold it for me never gave me the money, the 1 person I trusted is gone to France, I have been to court had 2 lawyer’s and I still have gotten nowhere, I went to Cassablanka the last time to leave letter to minister there, but I have not got any news from there and its 2 months now. This problem is going on 3 years now and because I dont speak Arabic Im getting nowhere. It has cost me a lot of money with flight’s hotel at least 3 times a year. I dont have money to keep going but what can I do, I would like to know what to do next, who can I go to that speaks english, I know all these people who sold the house I know all there Families I have lot’s of friends to prove I did not get the money, these people had nothing I helped them out for many years and I know they could not travel to France with no money, but when they got my money they just went!!! I was on the phone to them for 12 years I allowed them to live free in my home in morocco because they had nothing, I did not ask them to paye me they had the house free, I did everything for that family but its well over 2 years now and not 1 of them has tried to phone me!!! they all changed there numbers I never changed my number, 2 of the family are still working in Agadir. Please try and give me some information as to what else I can do. I have a lawyer in Agadir he has got a lot of money from me but I cant see an end to it. I would love to explain all this to the King of Morocco, Please help me and e-mail me as soon as posible, thank you so much.

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    wow, um, I just went through a LOT of your past posts (don’t mean to be crpeey, but I quite obsessed over some clothes of yours), I ended up here because of tavi’s blog (both of you are amazing!)and, just to add: i’m from Argentina, Buenos Aires. So, you now have a south american admirer!keep up 🙂


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